Health & Wellness Travel

What is Health Travel?

For the person who seeks therapeutic treatments while in an exotic location. Typically the therapeutic experience is only obtainable in that particular destination. Such as, the healing therapy you receive from spending time in a thermal natural hot spring.

What is Wellness Travel?

For those who wish to combine a vacation while maintaining a total body fitness experience. This type of travel is for individuals or families who share the love of fitness as well as the exclusive pampering received in an exotic destination. This includes staying at an exclusive spa resort with organized activities, geared for fitness and well being.

Medical Travel

What is Medical Travel?

A new trend, which is fully supported by many insurance companies. These companies seek to save thousands of dollars by having patients travel outside their community to a hospital or clinic in a foreign destination. In doing so the medical tourist combines a getaway with a medical procedure that they may require. The most common types of medical travel include dental procedures and non-invasive surgeries.

Why Medical Travel?

Patients choose medical tourism for the high quality of healthcare, affordability as well as access of care with sometimes better availability.

What are the cost savings?

The cost savings can be up to 90% for certain procedures.

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